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The definitive pack



  • Deceiver


    Unlock access to the Deceiver, a Vampire Class with the ability to disguise themselves and confuse the enemy with their mind-warping abilities.

  • Summoner


    Unlock access to the Summoner, a Vampire Class capable of calling the powers of the Underworld for destruction, protection and summoning.

  • Sentinel


    Unlock access to the Sentinel, a Vampire Class with unique flight abilities that allow them to scout out and strike unsuspecting enemies.

  • Prophet


    Unlock access to the Prophet, a Human Class who wields dual pistols and who uses tainted blood to repel or weaken vampires.

  • Scout


    Unlock access to the Scout, a Human class armed with a precision bow, specialised in sniping and hit-and-run tactics.

  • Vanguard


    Unlock access to the Vanguard, a frontline Human class equipped with heavy shield used for both attack and defense.


  • Alchemist fullbore cannon
    Fullbore Cannon

    Alchemist Weapon - Deals more damage than the standard Hand Cannon, but has a smaller clip

  • Alchemist multi cannon
    Multi Cannon

    Alchemist Weapon - Fires three smaller bombs at once for more consistent area damage

  • Alchemist viscous cannon
    Viscous Cannon

    Alchemist Weapon - A hand cannon that fires modified bombs that stick to enemies and surfaces, but don't explode on impact

  • Alchemist flamethrower

    Alchemist Secondary Ability - Activate a hand-mounted Flamethrower that burns away vampires

  • Alchemist healing mist
    Healing Mist

    Alchemist Secondary Ability - Hurl a concoction that emits a restorative mist to heal allies

  • Alchemist immolate

    Alchemist Primary Ability - Consume a potion that causes you to emit a powerful light wave after a few seconds, damaging all nearby vampires

  • Alchemist lightbomb
    Light Bomb

    Alchemist Primary Ability - Hurl an explosive to trigger a powerful burst of light that wounds vampires instead of blinding them

  • Alchemist poison cloud
    Poison Cloud

    Alchemist Secondary Ability - Toss a vial that erupts into a fog of vapor that's toxic to vampires

  • Deceiver dominate mind
    Dominate Mind

    Deceiver Special Ability - Focus on a target human and take over their mind, damaging them and controlling their movement for a few seconds

  • Deceiver infect

    Deceiver Primary Ability - Wound and infect target with a damaging disease that spreads to nearby humans

  • Deceiver shroud

    Deceiver Secondary Ability - Focus your energies to become invisible and damage all nearby humans for the duration of the effect

  • Hunter bolt thrower
    Bolt Thrower

    Hunter Weapon - Hurl a spinning bolas that wraps up vampires, disabling their attacks for a short time

  • Hunter multibow

    Hunter Weapon - A modified crossbow that fires in short, three-round bursts

  • Hunter siege bow
    Siege Bow

    Hunter Weapon - A powerful crossbow that deals more damage per shot, but fires more slowly than the standard issue model and has a reduced clip

  • Hunter blinding shot
    Blinding Shot

    Hunter Secondary Ability - Fires special ammo that wounds and briefly blinds nearby vampires on impact

  • Hunter grenade

    Hunter Secondary Ability - Hurl an explosive grenade that deals massive area damage

  • Hunter poison bola
    Poison Bola

    Hunter Primary Ability - A modified Bola coated in a toxin that wounds vampires on contact

  • Hunter sticky grenade
    Sticky Grenade

    Hunter Secondary Ability - Hurl an adhesive grenade that sticks to any surface it touches, including vampires

  • Hunter whip

    Hunter Primary Ability - Slash at your enemies with a whip, damaging and staggering those hit and pulling climbing vampires off of walls

  • Prophet heavy pistols
    Heavy Pistols

    Prophet Weapon - Heavier flintlocks that deal more damage, but fire more slowly

  • Prophet piercing pistols
    Piercing Pistols

    Prophet Weapon - Modified flintlocks that fire piercing ammunition that passes through enemies

  • Prophet quick pistols
    Quick Pistols

    Prophet Weapon - Lightweight flintlocks that can fire rapidly at the cost of power

  • Prophet disabling curse
    Disabling Curse

    Prophet Primary Ability - Curse the target area, damaging nearby vampires and disabling their abilities for a few seconds

  • Prophet draining curse
    Draining Curse

    Prophet Primary Ability - Curse target area, damaging vampires who enter it and healing you a portion of the damage dealt

  • Prophet eldritch guard
    Eldritch Guard

    Prophet Secondary Ability - Protects your target with a shield that absorbs damage

  • Prophet sacrifice

    Prophet Secondary Ability - Channel health into a target teammate at the expense of a portion of your own

  • Reaver choking haze
    Choking Haze

    Reaver Primary Ability - Throw to blanket an area in toxic mist

  • Reaver haste

    Reaver Secondary Ability - Activates a burst of speed that lets you move and attack more quickly

  • Reaver leap attack
    Leap Attack

    Reaver Special Ability - A modified Pounce that can move at full speed on all fours and leap instantly, does not incapacitate humans on impact

  • Reaver savage pounce
    Savage Pounce

    Reaver Special Ability - A vicious version of the Pounce attack that deals more damage, but has no aim assist

  • Reaver shadowstep
    Shadow Step

    Reaver Secondary Ability - Dissolve into shadows and fly towards your target at rapid speed. You are immune from damage for the duration of this ability.

  • Reaver sweeping kick
    Sweeping Kick

    Reaver Special Ability - Perform a powerful roundhouse kick that staggers enemies

  • Scout stormbow

    Scout Weapon - A modified bow that shoots explosive arrows that detonate shortly after impact

  • Scout swiftbow

    Scout Weapon - A smaller bow that can be drawn more quickly, but deals less damage

  • Scout war bow
    War Bow

    Scout Weapon - A mighty bow that can knock down enemies when fully drawn, but is slower to draw and fire and deals less damage

  • Scout camouflage

    Scout Primary Ability - Cloak yourself to become nearly invisible. Firing or using abilities will reveal you

  • Scout grapple
    Grappling Hook

    Scout Secondary Ability - Fire an ingenious device that lets you attach to special points and scale up walls quickly

  • Scout mark target
    Mark Target

    Scout Primary Ability - Fire a special tracer shot that can tag vampires, increasing the damage they take from all players and making them visible to your team for a short time

  • Scout pulse turret

    Scout Secondary Ability - Deploy a device that blankets the area around it with rapid fire

  • Scout trap

    Scout Secondary Ability - Place a deadly shrapnel trap that explodes when vampires walk over it

  • Sentinel abduct

    Sentinel Special Ability - Carry off an enemy into the air, wounding them during flight but dropping them more quickly than Kidnap

  • Sentinel airstrike
    Air Strike

    Sentinel Secondary Ability - While flying, aim and hurl an explosive bomb at the ground

  • Sentinel echolocate

    Sentinel Secondary Ability - Emit a sonic screech that reveals enemy locations

  • Sentinel puncture

    Sentinel Primary Ability - Thrust your wing talons forward to impale humans at close range, dealing heavy damage

  • Sentinel takeoff

    Sentinel Secondary Ability - Blast off into the air, damaging nearby enemies and achieving flight altitude

  • Vanguard impaler
    Impaler Axe

    Vanguard Weapon - A cruelly barbed throwing axe that causes victims to bleed for additional damage over time

  • Vanguard splitter axe
    Splitter Hatchet

    Vanguard Weapon - An Wraith-Forged throwing axe that splits into two when thrown

  • Vanguard waraxe

    Vanguard Weapon - A massive throwing axe that deals increased damage at the cost of throw speed

  • Vanguard charge
    Shield Charge

    Vanguard Primary Ability - Rush forward to knockdown and damage any enemy you collide with

  • Vanguard judgment

    Vanguard Primary Ability - Call upon your drowned brethren to scourge nearby vampires. Low health enemies are executed, instantly killing them despite any defensive abilities they have active.

  • Vanguard bulwark

    Vanguard Secondary Ability - Summon a storm that repels vampires and reduces damage taken by you and all nearby allies while active

  • Summoner deathly shield
    Deathly Shield

    Summoner Secondary Ability - Rip essence from nearby enemies to form a barrier to protect yourself. The more enemies hit, the stronger the barrier

  • Summoner hellstrike
    Hell Strike

    Summoner Special Ability - Target an area with streams of dark energy that explode on impact

  • Summoner slayer
    Summon Slayer

    Summoner Primary Ability - Summon a single Greater Ghoul that hunts a specific target

  • Tyrant enrage

    Tyrant Secondary Ability - Enter a rage state that increases your damage and movement speed as your health decreases.

  • Tyrant jump attack
    Jump Attack

    Tyrant Special Ability - Leap high into the air, then slam down and damage any nearby enemies

  • Tyrant marathon

    Tyrant Special Ability - A longer Charge attack that cannot be used as often

  • Tyrant shockwave

    Tyrant Primary Ability - Fracture the earth with your fist, sending a tremor in a line towards enemies that will knock them from their feet

  • Tyrant throw

    Tyrant Primary Ability - Grab a human and hurl them forwards through the air