War Is Upon Nosgoth in Our New Trailer

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Today, we’re very pleased to reveal our brand new, action-packed trailer for Nosgoth's Closed Alpha, titled ‘War Is Upon Us'.

For everyone not amongst our Closed Alpha play testers, you can now feast your eyes upon the bloodthirsty battle for supremacy and survival between Vampires and Humans that has engulfed this ravaged land.



Closed Beta Phase Approaching

Nosgoth is going to be entering its Closed Beta phase soon, during which time we’ll be enabling lots more players with access to the game. If you’d like to take part, simply follow this link to register for a chance join our elite cadre of play testers.

New Map in Today’s Build

For those of you who are already enjoying the game, we have a very special treat in store for you today – a brand new map for you to try out, by the name of Sommerdamm. We’ll be revealing the backstory behind this besieged fort here on the blog tomorrow, in the meantime we look forward to seeing you speculate about its origins in our forums.

Players, please note that this map is very much in Alpha and we have further improvements  to its visual and audio effects. Additionally, you may run into a few collision issues… but hey! We wanted to give players a sneak peek before the winter holidays on what we’ve been working on recently.

We hope you like the new trailer and we look forward to sharing full details about the new map tomorrow.

Vae Victis!