The Deceiver of Clan Zephonim – Released Today!

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Good news, everybody! The moment so many of you have been waiting for has finally arrived, for today sees the launch of our new Vampire character class – the Deceiver of Clan Zephonim!

When next launching the game, players should check the Armory to find the class, which can be unlocked either with a Class Artefact – earned every time you level up five times – or with Runestones.

The Deceiver can drive a Human mad with confusion by possessing their very eyesight, making them hear things, and often see thing that aren't there.

This master of deception assaults enemies’ minds directly, making them succumb to whatever he finds most useful to sow fear and mistrust amongst their ranks.

The Deceiver’s goal is to confuse the enemy so much he has an opportunity to strike. Much of his value is in his ability to divide a Human group, making them more vulnerable.

For full details about the Deceiver’s motivations and background story, follow this link: New Vampire Class - The Deceiver of Clan Zephonim

To check out the Deceiver in action, check out the videos of our gameplay livestream with Alex 'Goldenboy' Mendez here: Watch our First Official Gameplay Footage Broadcast

Vae Victis!