Siege – New Mode Reveal

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Today, we’re thrilled to be talking about our new multiplayer mode in-depth for the first time.

The mode is called Siege and offers players a twist on Nosgoth’s signature asymmetrical team-based PvP gameplay.

In Siege, Humans are charged with capturing objectives representing important strategic locations within the map. The Humans must hold and defend these points for a short period of time in order to claim for their team.

To capture a location, the Human team must remain in the area and ensure it is free from all Vampire presence, with new locations appearing if all have been captured, or if 2 1/2 minutes pass. The Human team receives points for each location they successfully seize.

Conversely, the Vampires receive points from kills and must prevent the Humans from achieving their goal through swift and tactical slaughter.

Vampires don’t compete with Humans to capture these control points; instead their mission is to score points by performing kills while preventing Humans from seizing these locations.

Unlike the standard Deathmatch mode, the winning team is not necessarily the one with the most kills; instead it’s the team with the most points. With both sides having different objectives, the game's asymetrical dynamics are really brought to bear.

We look forward to launching Siege very soon and to hearing your feedback about this new mode.

Vae Victis!