Nosgoth – A Land in Turmoil

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This week, we’ll be introducing you to the background behind the war between Humans and Vampires that defines this era of Nosgoth’s history. We’ll begin with an overall introduction to preceding events, before taking a closer look at each of the two warring races.

Nosgoth: world of Vampires and Humans.

It has been millennia of conflict and hatred since Humanity began their first crusade to eradicate the Vampire race, and even longer since Vampires were cursed with immortality and blood-thirst.  Down the ages, Humans have fought to destroy Vampires and Vampires to dominate Humanity. It took the iron will of one Vampire, Kain, to force a resolution to these conflicts, subjugating Nosgoth under his rule and establishing his unassailable court in the Heartlands.

Those Humans not corralled as playthings, servants and fodder for the Vampires were pushed out to the edges of the world, carving out an existence in the mountains and deep forests of Nosgoth, or exiled across the Great Southern Sea to the Hinterlands beyond.

Then, not long after executing his first-raised Lieutenant Raziel by casting him into the Lake of the Dead, Kain disappeared. Gone, in search of a way to deliver Nosgoth from the corruption that had overcome the land, Kain left the throne and his Empire in the hands of his five remaining Lieutenants. Riven by jealousy and conflicts, it was not long before their respective Clans began fighting among themselves.

With the Vampires focused on their internal squabbles, Nosgoth’s Human population seized the chance to grow stronger. Cities were rebuilt, skills relearned and Humanity’s power recovered to the point where they could launch a devastating attack on their Vampire masters. This attack reunited the warring Vampire Clans in the face of a common enemy. Now, each race is pitted against the other.

This is a war for Nosgoth; this is a war for the survival of each race.