Introduction to Nosgoth’s Founders Program

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Hey everyone, since the launch of Closed Beta we’ve received a whole bunch of requests about whether we would be offering a Founders Program for Nosgoth.

We have, in fact, been working on this for a while now and we’re ready to reveal the first details about our Founders Program today. While we don’t have a confirmed launch date for our Founders Packs to share with you just yet, they will be coming online in the very near future (before the end of this month, for sure).

So, what exactly is our Founders Program? Well, by purchasing a Founders Pack, you’re supporting Nosgoth’s development and it also nets you a slew of rare and exclusive in-game content, as well as a big bunch of Runestones to spend in our in-game store.

But that’s not all – purchasing a Founders Pack will also grant you immediate access to the game while it’s in Closed Beta. Plus, with some packs you will also receive invites to the game to share with your friends (or even your enemies – who are we to judge?).

Rest assured that we will continue to invite players who have registered via into the game. That means we are still regularly sending out batches of Nosgoth access codes so you don't need to purchase a Founders Pack to receive an invite to Nosgoth’s Closed  Beta, although it is the quickest way to guarantee you (and your friends) access to the game.

We will have six Founders Packs in total, alongside equivalent in-game bundles. We’re talking about the first three packs today and will detail the other three packs and in-game bundles tomorrow.

  • Early Access
  • 4,000 Rune Stones
  • Veteran Badge

  • Early Access
  • 7,000 Rune Stones
  • Warlord Badge
  • 1 invite
  • 1 Silver War Chest

  • Early Access
  • 10,000 Rune Stones
  • Warband Badge
  • 2 invites
  • 2 Silver War Chests
  • 2 Gold War Chests
  • Minor Founder's Booster (+100% XP & Gold, +25% Shared)

A few of these items require a bit more explanation:

BADGES: These are visual representations of particular activities on the part of the player – participation in the Closed Alpha, for example, or ownership of a Founder’s Pack. They will be displayed in the front end pre-match lobbies, as well as elsewhere in the game. The player will in time have the choice of which Badge they want to pick, although right now it’s selected automatically for you.

Right now the system is in its early stages, but we’re planning to extend the range of Badges you can earn to include showing indications of rank, celebrating in-game achievements, or recording participation in special events. Basically if you do something cool or note-worthy, we want you to have a way to show it off to your friends and the rest of the community.

WAR CHESTS: Chests contain rare, distinctive items not available to purchase in Nosgoth's in-game store. Silver chests contain one uncommon Human or Vampire item, while Gold chests contain one rare Human item and one rare Vampire item.

INVITES: These allow you to provide immediate access to the game for of your buddies, however these are invitations only – they don’t come with the rest of the perks associated with the pack.

Bear in mind that once Nosgoth reaches Open Beta, the game will be entirely free-to-play - you will be able to download and play Nosgoth immediately without having to pay anything.

So, if you aren’t sure about the gameplay experience you’ll get in Closed Beta, we recommend you wait until Open Beta when you’ll be able to instantly access Nosgoth for free.

When Nosgoth reaches Open Beta, the Founders Packs won’t be necessary for early access to the game anymore, but all their content will of course still remain valid. We’ll be sharing details about in-game bundles for Open Beta nearer the time.

Come back tomorrow when we’ll be revealing the details on the next three packs, as well as the in-game bundles on offer.