Founders Packs To Go Live Tomorrow

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Hey everyone, just a very quick update today to let everyone know that we will be launching our Founders Program tomorrow at 9am PDT / 11am CDT / 12pm EDT / 4pm GMT / 5pm CET.

We’ll be releasing a slew of information, including some previously unrevealed surprises, in the morning on the blog, so remember to check back here first thing tomorrow.


To prepare for the arrival of our Founders Packs, we will be putting the game into Maintenance Mode from the following times tomorrow:

  • Start: 3am PDT / 5am CDT / 6am EDT / 10am GMT / 11am CET
  • End: 9am PDT / 11am CDT / 12pm EDT / 4pm GMT / 5pm CET

The game will be unavailable for play sessions during these times and regular service will resume at  the same time the Founders Packs go live.

We’re looking forward to revealing the last tidbits of info about our Founders Program tomorrow, in the meantime hope everyone currently in Closed Beta has fun with the game this evening!