Founders’ In-Game Bundles are Live! Founders’ Packs to Follow Soon

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We have some very exciting new to share with you today, whether you’re already playing Nosgoth or looking to jump into the fray.

FOUNDERS’ IN-GAME BUNDLES: From today, Closed Beta players will be able to purchase Founders In-Game Bundles directly from within the game!

FOUNDERS’ PACKS: Due to some last-minute technical complications with our distribution platform, we will be launching our Founders Packs later on this week. Rest assured we will update you as soon as they packs go on sale.

Please note: Any Closed Beta players wishing to buy a Founders Pack rather than an In-game Bundle should wait until they come online, because we will not be able to refund bundles.

For a full run-down on what exactly our Founders Program is and what it's for, check out the two articles linked to below where we explain it in depth:

For everyone of you already playing Nosgoth and looking to score some exclusive content plus some invites to the Closed Beta for your friends, here’s a breakdown of all our in-game bundles:

For those of you waiting to join Nosgoth’s Closed Beta, here’s a handy refresher breaking down precisely what you can expect from each of our Founders Packs:

Now, the eagle-eyed among you will have noticed there’s one extra piece of content that we hadn’t previously revealed – Warband names.


A Warband in Nosgoth is what would be called a clan or guild in other games: a collection of friends who want to establish their identity as a group, play together, and share in-game resources. The possibility to reserve your Warband’s name needs a little explanation since this is related to functionality that is still in development rather than already in the game.

This functionality will be rolled out as development continues, but ultimately we want to be able to give groups of players an easy way to find friends to queue for matches with, a private chat channel, and the ability to share boosters as well as a communal inventory of gear. There are other plans for longer-term functionality as well… but we’re not ready to talk about them just yet!

So, establishing a Warband is a way to proclaim your unique identity within Nosgoth, as well as a way to play together easily and effectively, and as such you’ll want to give it a unique name. Reserving your chosen moniker now will make sure that when Warbands go live, you’ll be the only one able to use your favourite name.

With the launch of our Founders Program, we really feel that our Closed Beta phase is well under way and we look forward to sharing further exciting developments about new in-game content in the days and weeks to come.

Come back tomorrow when we’ll have more information to share about the launch of our fabulous Founders' Packs.