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Community Spotlight: DFA

Jeremy Dunham, Psyonix

We have amazing fans in the Nosgoth community and it's time that you get some recognition for it! And so, starting with today's inaugural post, we will regularly shine our community spotlight on the people who make our game THAT much more fun to play. Since this is feature is all about you, however, we're also pleased to announce that YOU will also determine who we focus on next. Simply tweet @Nosgoth with the hashtag #spotlight and the name of the player you'd like us to feature next and we'll use those nominations to find our next subject.

But first things first: Our premier Nosgoth community spotlight points to longtime supporter, DFA! A longtime player who first started in the alpha days and still plays and streams to this day, DFA has proven time and again just how much he loves the game. Let's meet him!

DFA smiles for the camera during our SDCC 2014 event in San Diego.

Username: DFA
Real Name: Dustin
Twitter: @dfa6987
Twitch: SOMTrickster
YouTube: dfa6987
Humans or Vampires? Vampires!
Favorite Class: Sentinel

Tell us about your username. Why DFA?
"When I was 10, I started playing PC games online with Half-Life mods. I came across a mod called "Vampire Slayer" and my favorite thing to do was to climb to the top of buildings with very agile vampires, glide down, and land on the Slayers with a surprise attack. I went through a few names and clans [during this time] until I joined the top clan and someone called me "DeathFromAbove (DFA)." From then on my nickname stuck."


You've also been known as SOMTrickster, why the different names?
"I've always been into competitive gaming, and I had a few great friends online who got me into League of Legends and wanted to start a team. After playing the game for a year or so, we stepped into our first Go4LoL tournament and placed 4th. Afterwards, my friend created a gaming community called "State of Mind Gaming" and we all started streaming our scrims and tournament games. So SOM was from State of Mind. Trickster was the name of an old World of Warcraft character back in 2002, so I just put the two together."


How did you get into playing Nosgoth?
"Vampire Slayer had a great community of veteran players and most of us kept in touch throughout the years after the game died. We found a few Half-Life and Half-Life 2 mods that came close to VS, but all [of those] eventually died too. One day, a friend sent me a link to the Nosgoth Alpha and I signed up. Within the next three days I had an email with my invite, and I've been playing ever since."


What is it about the game that keeps you coming back?
"For me, Nosgoth has a lot of potential to be a competitive game and I strive to be one of the top players. [It] is fun and easy to pick up, but other than the game itself, it's the game's [development] team that keeps me coming back. I was fortunate enough to fly out to San Diego to hang out with everyone from Psyonix and it was an amazing opportunity. Nosgoth has one of the most hands-on, community-driven dev teams of almost any game I have ever played."

DFA, politely destroying the opposition.

Why is the Sentinel your favorite class?
"The moment I entered my first game and saw the vampire with wings, I jumped straight to it. After two to three games, I [understood how to use him]. The fact that he can fly AND that he fits my tag was perfect. His mobility and ability to harass the enemy from a distance makes him the perfect fit for my play style. His taunts are some of the funniest in the game. Also, it's just so satisfying to swoop in and grab a guy who isn't paying attention, then fly away and drop him to to hear his knees go 'crunch.'"


Any tips for new players who are just starting to play?
"Be patient. Nosgoth isn't a game most people can pick up after one to two games. For the average player, it [will probably] take around 10-15 games before everything feels fluid and [doesn't feel as] overwhelming. Communicate and stay with your team. Remember that a higher level doesn't always mean higher skill or better weapons. Don't get frustrated, just like all new things it takes time."


Any parting words?
"Nosgoth has a lot of potential and I'm excited to see where it's headed. The game has kept me up many late nights playing with friends and teammates, or just from talking to people on my stream; I see it continuing to do so in the future. If you see me in-game or happen to come by my stream, don't be afraid to say hi or ask any questions. I have a lot of things planned for when the game is a [closer to] finished, that will allow me to interact with my viewers more.

I would like to personally thank Greg [Nichols - QA Manager], Eric [Majka - Art Lead], Mark [Lozano - QA], Corey [Davis - Game Director], Jeremy [Dunham - Community Director], and the rest of the Psyonix team; not only for making a game that I have come to love, but for the great friends and opportunities that Nosgoth has given me. I also want to say thank you to all of my viewers who come in night after night and give me all of their support."

Executions Come to Nosgoth

Jeremy Dunham, Psyonix

In a world dominated by vampires, death is indeed a release -- and starting with this week's update, your fallen human enemies will know its embrace more intimately than ever.

Available for purchase in the Store and accessible from your character's inventory, Executions are a gruesome new way to enjoy supremacy over mankind! Once equipped, each class-specific Execution automatically plays as a replacement for the existing default animation (Press "X" over a conquered human opponent).

Though executions don't provide any sort of advantage or performance increase, they still look pretty cool. Check out these awesome videos that show off what the executions look like in-game. 








The Reaver, Sentinel, and Tyrant Executions are available for purchase right now with a unique Deceiver Execution coming soon.


Replay: Nosgoth on Twitch @PAX

Jeremy Dunham, Psyonix

We had a great time at PAX 2014 and this video interview, aired by our friends at Twitch on August 29, proves it.

Clocking in at 33 minutes long, this excellent conversation with Nosgoth Game Director, Corey Davis and Art Lead, Eric Majka, hits on just about everything new and existing fans would like to know -- including:

  • What classes are best for rookies and veterans alike?
  • What are the team's priorities as we wrap up the closed beta?
  • Strategies for both the human and vampire classes
  • Balancing philosophies, our matchmaking progress, and more!

Enjoy! And special thanks to Swiftor for the excellent host job!

Nosgoth Headed to PAX Prime 2014

Jeremy Dunham, Psyonix

The headline says it all!

Starting Friday, August 29 through Labor Day, September 1, our Nosgoth LAN party will be yours to play at PAX Prime in Booth 3630!

As part of the fun, we've modified the "PAX Edition" of Nosgoth to feature shorter, five-minute rounds so we can get as many people into games as possible. Plus, we just like to watch things get more intense at trade shows; we're sadistic that way. Oh, and as added bonus, we're also giving away FREE and EXCLUSIVE PAX Prime "Sentinel" t-shirts and our classic Hunter/ Reaver lanyards to anyone who drops by to play (while supplies last)!

But wait, there's more! If our undercover staff spots you wearing a Nosgoth t-shirt or lanyard somewhere outside the Square Enix booth during the event, you'll have a chance to be stopped and rewarded with a limited edition lithograph that has been signed by the Psyonix development team! We'll even snap your pic and upload it to our official Facebook page to boot!

(A "Work-in-Progress" version of the PAX lithograph)

These short-run lithographs will be ONLY be available at PAX Prime 2014, with no more than 100 copies ever printed -- so make sure you drop by our booth and play to increase your chances of getting one!

Finally, don't forget to join us on the official Twitch.tv PAX Channel on Friday, August 29 at 7:00pm Eastern/ 4:00pm Pacific. On that day, you'll be able to watch and interact with Nosgoth Game Director, Corey Davis, and Art Lead, Eric Majka, as they give away beta keys, show off live gameplay footage, answer fan questions, and generally tear it up for 30 straight minutes.

See you at the show!

Play Nosgoth at Insomnia52 this weekend!

Cat Karskens, Square Enix

With Gamescom finished, and now a distant but very fond memory, we set our sights on the next stop of Nosgoth On Tour... Multiplay's i52 (Insomnia) LAN in Coventry!

This August Bank Holiday, we're bringing Nosgoth to the RICOH Arena in Coventry (UK), for three days of multiplayer fun, at the UK's biggest gaming festival (LAN): Insomnia.

Running from Friday August 22nd through Sunday August 24th, you'll find us in the exhibition hall with a 16 PC LAN setup, where you'll be able to get some hands-on time with Nosgoth, and battle it out in our team deathmatch mode.

During the course of the weekend we'll have a few goodies for our visitors, in the form of Closed Beta keys, and exclusive Insomnia 52 Nosgoth t-shirts, made especially for the event. Insomnia 52 will feature a host of other special activities, including tournaments, YouTube stars, LAN gaming, and a live Friday Night DJ set from headline act Zane Lowe. It looks set to be the best one yet, so you won't want to miss this!

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a Nosgoth pro-gamer in training, stop by the booth to ask about our tournament, that will be taking place on Saturday.



Follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates, as we announce more detail on the tournament, and special visitors to our stand!