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Nosgoth Founders Packs for 67% off!

Cat Karskens, Square Enix

From today throughout the entire Steam Halloween Sale, you'll be able to get your hands on the Nosgoth Founders Packs at a whopping 67% off, on both Steam and our own store here.

The Founders Packs give you the opportunity to support Nosgoth early, grant you instant access, and include a bunch of exclusive goodies. For those already playing Nosgoth, the packs can be applied to your account as well, and will drop the extra contents in your inventory. Friend invites, included in some of the packs, get sent out by email, and allow you to bring your gaming pals in on the action. Feeling a bit competitive? With our recent ESL Beta Cup announcement, you might want to consider putting together a team! If you're good enough, you could even start earning in the tournaments.

Here's a quick reminder of each pack's contents:

Veteran Pack

  • Instant access
  • 1,500 Gold
  • 30-Day Major All Booster (+50% XP & Gold)
  • Veteran Banner


Warlord Pack

  • Instant access
  • 4,000 Gold
  • 1 invite (w/250 Gold)
  • 2 Silver War Chests
  • 30 Day Epic All Booster (+100% XP & Gold)
  • Warlord Badge


Warband Pack

  • Instant access
  • 6,000 Gold
  • Warband Badge
  • 2 invites (w/250 Gold)
  • 2 Silver War Chest
  • 2 Golden War Chest
  • Warband Name Reservation
  • Founder's 30-Day Booster  (+100% XP & Gold, +25% Shared)


Immortal Pack

  • Instant access
  • 15,000 Gold
  • Immortal Badge
  • 10 invites (w/250 Gold)
  • Warband Name Reservation
  • 5 Silver War Chest
  • 5 Golden War Chest
  • Immortal Founder's 30 Day Booster (+100% XP & Gold, +50% Shared)
  • Founder’s Reaver Skin
  • Founder’s Scout Bow
  • Founder’s Hunter Crossbow
  • Early Access to Sentinel Class
  • Early Access to Scout Class
  • 6 Weapon Name Tags

The Steam Halloween sale will end on November 3rd at 10AM Pacific, so grab these offers while you can! Head to our official site store here or the Steam store page here.

Nosgoth ESL Beta Cup Series announced!

Cat Karskens, Square Enix

Following on from our new game update on October 27th, we’re very excited to announce the upcoming Nosgoth ESL Beta Cup Series!

With our newly integrated private matches and ESL features, you’ll be able to organise matches against other teams, structuring the competitive side of Nosgoth so many of you have already been enjoying.

From November 9th, you’ll be able to take that one step further, by taking part in the ESL Nosgoth Beta Cup Series, launching in both Europe and North America, with the first monthly final happening early December.

The Nosgoth ESL Closed Beta Cup Series will feature weekly and monthly competitions, with prize pools for both. Each week, the top team in the European Beta cup and top team in the North American Beta cup will each win a €200/$200 prize fund. At the end of each month, the 8 teams that gather the most points over the past month will then compete for a total prize of €500/$500 in the monthly final! 

Fancy yourself as a bit of a Nosgoth pro? This will be your chance to put your skills to the test. For more information, and to register for the Nosgoth ESL Beta Cup Series, check out the ESL Nosgoth portal site here:  http://play.eslgaming.com/nosgoth/global/

If you are an active, competitive Nosgoth player, the ESL are also looking for admins, so head to their site for more detail. Looking for team members, to take on the world? Pop over to our newly created Warbands/Clans sub-forum to meet other players!

All that remains now is to wish everyone luck! We will regularly be featuring news and content here, so even if you aren't taking part yourself, keep an eye out for more spotlights on competitive Nosgoth play.


Your Guide To Noscam

Cat Karskens, Square Enix

With the introduction of Noscam in our latest update, we’re giving you some exciting new tools to help you create Nosgoth clips like never before. Noscam is a built in game recorder with custom camera controls. Previously, any recordings you may have done in Nosgoth would have been purely with the third-person perspective you see while playing. With the introduction of Noscam, you now have a host of other options available to you that will allow you to create custom videos and screenshots, using your saved replays.

That epic triple kill you got in the last match by Charging into a group of humans, huddled foolishly in a corner? Load up the replay and pan right in on the action, and grab that footage for an epic kill clip. Managed to Bola a friend’s Sentinel out of the air? Line your camera up and take a screenshot, to create a snazzy new wallpaper.

 Each match you play in Nosgoth is automatically saved as a small replay file (a demo). To play back a previous match, just load up Nosgoth. Click on Play, and then on Noscam.

Within this menu you’ll see a list of your recent games that you can choose to play or archive (save). The recorder will automatically save your last 5 matches, so make sure you archive ones you’d like to keep! Each replay is noted with the map name, date, and time, so you can easily find the match you’re looking for. View that match replay by clicking on Watch
IMPORTANT: Currently, Noscam replays will become invalid when new patches are released. Make sure you capture any footage from favorite replays before the next patch!

The replay file will open up, as seen below.

You can switch between two camera types: Free Cam and Locked Cam. Hit SPACE to switch between these two camera modes. With Locked Cam, the camera will follow you as you played the match. With Free Cam, you’ll be able to pan around the map, creating custom angles and shots. You can move the camera around the map with the standard control options (WASD).

You can also Right-Click to bring up your Noscam controller, allowing you to pause, speed up, slow down, or select a specific time in the match, skipping ahead or back to a particular moment you want to see.

To remove the HUD (display), hit the key. Now you can watch the match play out, or pan around the map, with no HUD or tooltips displayed.

Within the Nosgoth settings menu you’ll find other controls listed, that you’ll be able to remap as you might with any other controls in the game.


To be able to record footage, you can use your usual recording tools such as FRAPS, other software, or a capture device, to record the footage you’re playing back.

To easily capture a screenshot, you can use a tool like FRAPS, or Steam’s built-in screenshot function (usually bound to F12). Any screenshots taken with Steam will pop up automatically after you close the game, but can be accessed any time by right-clicking on Nosgoth in Steam, and selecting View Screenshots

We can’t wait to see what sort of clips you guys put together with these new tools, so make sure you share them with us! Whether this is a montage, random moment, an epic kill, or a screenshot you just can’t wait to show off, we want to see ‘em! Hit us up on any of these channels with your links: FacebookTwitter, or our Forums.

Devil's Night Promotion Starts Now, Private Matches Too

Jeremy Dunham, Psyonix

We've deployed a brand new update for Nosgoth today and with it, our 2014 "Devil's Night" promotion has officially begun!

If you missed our post last week, here's a quick refresher:

Devil's Night is a ONE WEEK ONLY promotion (October 27 - November 2) that offers Nosgoth the opportunity to find rare "Ghostly" Mysterious Item drops that include a special visual and audio effect in addition to various stat modifiers.

Also available during the Devil's Night promotion:

Exotic Items
Exclusive Devil's Night versions of the Human and Vampire Special Abilities (27 total) that have regular statistics but permanent "Ghostly" audio and visual effects.

Player Banners
New Devil's Night-specific banners that allow you to mark the occasion on your Lobby profile.

Keep in mind, once the promotion ends on November 2, these exclusive items will no longer be available -- so grab them while you can!

Also included in today's patch is the long-awaited Private Matches feature! Oft-requested and one of our favorite new features, the Nosgoth Private Matches addition will allow you to play with friends and rivals whenever and however you want!

Please note that there are still some "Work in Progress" elements to the Private Matches feature, which means that some of the features originally listed in our announcement may or may not be complete. We appreciate your patience (and feedback, which you can give us right here) as we continue to optimize it.

For a complete list of changes in today's update, click here. Stay tuned for more exciting Nosgoth news later this week, and don't forget to catch our live Twitch developer stream on October 30 at 11am Pacific.

Nosgoth Developer Stream on Devil's Night

Jeremy Dunham, Psyonix

The Nosgoth Developer Stream returns next Thursday, October 30 on Twitch at 11am Pacific/ 2pm Eastern/ 7pm GMT!


In our next show, Psyonix Game Director Corey Davis, Producer Sarah Hebbler, Community Director Jeremy Dunham, and QA Manager Greg Nichols will sit down to talk shop as we dive into next week's Devil's Night promotion, discuss our newly-announced Summoner class, answer various viewer questions, and much, much more. Plus, we'll be playing against YOU, our faithful community throughout the broadcast.

As an added bonus, just as we did in our last stream, we'll also be giving away Nosgoth beta keys during the show! So, if you've been following Nosgoth but haven't played yet, have some friends you want to invite, or just like getting free stuff, you know where you have to be next week!

The show's full agenda includes...

  • Introductions
  • Nosgoth overview for new players
  • Recap of Nosgoth recent news
  • Devil's Night promotion details
  • In-Depth with Private Matches
  • A closer look at our next character class, the Summoner
  • Upcoming release plans
  • Ongoing fan Q&A throughout the show
  • Call-outs to the Nosgoth community

We'll see you live on October 30, starting 11am Pacific on Twitch.tv/Nosgoth!